Do you love the church?

I grew up in the Bible belt where churches were everywhere. When I was a teenager, I didn’t always see the importance of going to church, so when something that I wanted to do came up, I would skip out. It wasn’t until a few years later, when God used my wife, Nichole, to let me […]

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Two things come to mind right now. 1) WOW 2) I’m READY! Wow comes to mind because I am in a constant state of awe. There are so many things that are amazing in my life right now. When I think about how we moved from Arkansas to Washington we knew only a few people. […]


Questions you MUST ask as a Leader

#1 Who are you ENCOURAGING? Being a leader, your life is super fast and you want people to move forward quickly as well. Different emotions will build up in your life because of the lack of improvement. Chances are that you are just leading but not ENCOURAGING. Leadership is not just about leading. Leadership encompasses […]

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