Money. I just wanted to go ahead and say the word because it’s a taboo almost in Church. One of my favorite times of the week is to give to the Church. Today our topic is money. So, for years people in church (and people outside the church) have taken shots at churches taking up […]

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Checklist to keep you Going

Exciting things are happening at The Rock! Since we have started in October, we have been meeting with people every single week that have walked through the doors! I want you to know 3 things you can check off to encourage you and to keep you going this week. Reaching people. God has allowed us to reach […]

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Working Out Spiritually

Many people talk about working out and eating right. Whenever I get on social media I see so many people talking about these two topics. They have a passion for being healthy. I really believe people have a desire to be healthy. I recently saw a mirror that made you look thinner in the mirror than […]

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Two things come to mind right now. 1) WOW 2) I’m READY! Wow comes to mind because I am in a constant state of awe. There are so many things that are amazing in my life right now. When I think about how we moved from Arkansas to Washington we knew only a few people. […]


Now that it’s over…

Thanksgiving afternoon. The meal is more than likely over. The kitchen is clean. People have gone. Life is back to normal. At least the best normal that we know it. Where do we go from here now that Thanksgiving Day is over? Let’s think about it. Thanksgiving is a day that people have to focus […]

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