Just freakn STOP!

FRUSTRATED! Thats the best word I can think of right now. After being in leadership in the Church for 10 years, one thing stands out like a sore thumb. I have talked with people in many states and I have heard some of the craziest stories on why people don’t go to Church or why […]

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Sad and frustrated.

Can there really be something that makes you sad and frustrated? YES!! Heck yes! I haven’t had my coffee YES!!! I can look around, travel all over the United States and see one thing in common that really saddens me. Easter is less than 2 weeks away. All around the world Christ followers will gather […]

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4 Things you need to return.

  When it comes to every single aspect of our lives, we want return. After working day after day after day, we want a return from our work. This just seems fair. A worker deserves their wages. When we go to a restaurant, when we order something we EXPECT the waiter or waitress to bring […]

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Money. I just wanted to go ahead and say the word because it’s a taboo almost in Church. One of my favorite times of the week is to give to the Church. Today our topic is money. So, for years people in church (and people outside the church) have taken shots at churches taking up […]

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Checklist to keep you Going

Exciting things are happening at The Rock! Since we have started in October, we have been meeting with people every single week that have walked through the doors! I want you to know 3 things you can check off to encourage you and to keep you going this week. Reaching people. God has allowed us to reach […]

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Now that it’s over…

Thanksgiving afternoon. The meal is more than likely over. The kitchen is clean. People have gone. Life is back to normal. At least the best normal that we know it. Where do we go from here now that Thanksgiving Day is over? Let’s think about it. Thanksgiving is a day that people have to focus […]

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Questions you MUST ask as a Leader

#1 Who are you ENCOURAGING? Being a leader, your life is super fast and you want people to move forward quickly as well. Different emotions will build up in your life because of the lack of improvement. Chances are that you are just leading but not ENCOURAGING. Leadership is not just about leading. Leadership encompasses […]

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