When it comes to a new year, there is something that comes to mind. Not something that comes and goes. Something that you know you would like to do things differently. This four letter word called LIFE. For your life to be different than the past, you must make changes. Changes that are not always easy but instead that are needed. I wanted to share 5 books that helped me in the past and I’m sure that they will help you.

With reading books, I don’t always read books just with writers that I agree with but instead I read from people with different perspectives to learn about different situations. I love to learn from people who are REAL and share truth. Here are 5 books that helped me this past year.

RISK IS RIGHT by John Piper. This is a small book that over the past 6 years I have read every year. While I’m not necessarily the biggest Piper fan when it comes to writing, this book is small and practical for everyone. This past year with COVID-19 the word RISK came up a lot. This book breaks down the idea that we think we have everything figured out when in reality, just about everything we do is a risk. How true this has been revealed over the last year?

LIFE OF GOD IN THE SOULD OF MAN by Henry Scougal. This is an old writing. It dates all the way back to the 1600’s. This short classic The Life of God in the Soul of Man originated as a private letter of spiritual counsel to a friend, but Scougal allowed it to be published in 1677, a year before his death. Sixty-eight years later, in the spring of 1735, Charles Wesley (1707-1788), whose mother Susanna had commended it to her sons, gave a copy of this little book to his friend George Whitefield (1714-1770). Upon reading it, Whitefield was convinced: “I must be born again, or be damned.” Whitefield testified that he “never knew what true religion was” until he read this book. This book goes over the 4 forms of the Divine life of a follower of Jesus. This book is really good for your soul.

ADVOCATES by Dhati Lewis. I know that some may not like or agree with the idea of this book but it’s really good from a different view than what’s normally in the “christian” realm. This book can be summed by with the narrow path to racial reconciliation. Dahati brings up the idea that many times we are so focused on the world that we are no heavenly good. We tend to find ourselves relating or holding up flags that are earthly vs pledging our allegiance to one man named Jesus. Whatever your background is, this book would be a good one to read especially in the time we are in today.

LOVE, SEX, AND HAPPILY EVER AFTER by Craig Groeschel. Did that title get you? I mean, who don’t do a double take when you read the words like love and sex. This is something I think many married people need to read. Manytimes we focus on learning and studying things like emotional health, spiritual health but we forget to study marriage. This book focuses on building a marriage that will last. I have been married now for 16 years. After I became a follower of Jesus, Nichole and I had a conversation that we didn’t want a good marriage. Yes, you read that right. We didn’t want a good marriage, we wanted a godly marriage. This is so paramount for us to focus on our marriage. This book was a short, but good, read to learn how to take steps in your marriage that will make it better. I can say that 2020 was very good for my marriage and I think that learning from people like Craig and Amy helped me.

GENGLE AND LOWLY by Dane Ortlund. Let me tell you, this book is straight fire. For those who don’t understand that last sentence, I mean that this good is great! Dane brings up the idea that there is very few places that we get to see inside of Jesus’ soul. We see how the health of His soul plays out and some characteristics that reveal themself but when it comes to defining His soul, there is only a few places. Two words that Jesus revealed to us about how He is are “gentle and lowly”. This book rocked my world. I have read this book and then reading it again. I will read a little and then sit. Just sit to think and process these ideas.

I sure hope you can pick up one or all of these books to help you in your life. Not just your spiritual side but your emotional side. Your soul. Everything that is inside of you. I believe that God is not done with you and He wants you to know that you are loved. What books have you read lately?

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