Jesus is the better Priest!

    When we open scripture you can easily see that God has order. There are certain positions that God put in place to accomplish different things. We can see that one of the positions that God has put in place is the position of a priest. A priest in scripture is someone who leads religious services and also someone who is set apart for the mission of God. 

    Jesus Christ Himself is a great picture and example of a priest. Jesus is like an Old Testament priest in the way that He was seeking to glorify the Father. He prayed on behalf of the people. He gave us an example to follow just like the Old Testament priest gave examples for people to follow. One of the requirements of a priest was to make sacrifices on behalf of the people. It was an important job making intercession on behalf of the people. He was temped and faced many things just like we face so He could personally connect with mankind. Because of these reasons, He like Old Testament priest. (Hebrews 4:15)

    Although Jesus was like Old Testament priest He is also different. He is different in the idea that He is the ultimate High Priest. The Old Testament priest would sacrifice on behalf of the people but Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice. He satisfied the requirements of the law. This is something only He could do. He was perfect. Jesus is called the Great High Priest. (Hebrews 4:14) we can boldly go to the throne of God because of Jesus! By sacrifices the Old Testament priest had to do to cover people people’s sin until the Messiah came. The Messiah, Jesus, came and covered sins forever of people who believe. 

I think it is really important to make the correlation between Old Testament priest and Jesus Himself. Doing this proves consistency with scripture and the requirements of priests. Although there is major consistencies there are also major differences due to the fact that Jesus is God and He was the sacrifice. He was the only priest that had the authority and met the requirements of a sacrifice to pay for sin. We should always thank God for His provision for our salvation.

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