Many times when we do things we love the purpose, love the mission and love the excitement. When we start out on a journey we are EXCITED and love to explore on the journey. I love to see when people start their spiritual journey! I love to see them start strong and share what is happening in their life. Even though people get EXCITED and times that I’m pumped about things we have this epidemic. Well, epidemic may be a strong word but I think it is fitting. 

Here is this epidemic: things aren’t FAST. Many times in our spiritual life things aren’t necessarily fast. In the world we live in we love things fast. We ant the fastest phone. We want the fastest internet. Driving a car, we want the fastest car. In our spiritual life we want change fast. We want to stop doing stupid stuff. (You know, the stuff that you haven’t told anyone.) We want to live a life that God wants us to live. The change that we experience we want our family and friends to experience that too! 

When it comes to us trying to accomplish a mission or share the Gospel with our friends because things aren’t necessarily fast we do something we never would have guessed. We give up. We hate it but we just get frustrated. We get tired. Things aren’t changing. It’s taking too long. 

When I think about a journey I am reminded of the Israelites. There was one point they were listening to the Lord and they were going to try and take over this city called Jericho. God gave them specific instructions. In a nutshell God told them to circle the city once a day for six days. The seventh day was different. He told them on the seventh day to circle the city seven times. After that they were to blow the trumpets and then shout. God told them if they did that then the walls around the city would fall and God would give them the city. 

“Now Jericho was strongly fortified because of the Israelites — no one leaving or entering. The Lord said to Joshua, “Look, I have handed Jericho, its king, and its best soldiers over to you. March around the city with all the men of war, circling the city one time. Do this for six days. Have seven priests carry seven ram’s-horn trumpets in front of the ark. But on the seventh day, march around the city seven times, while the priests blow the trumpets. When there is a prolonged blast of the horn and you hear its sound, have all the troops give a mighty shout. Then the city wall will collapse, and the troops will advance, each man straight ahead.” – Joshua‬ ‭6:1-5

What if they would have stopped? What if they would have said “We have done this for six days and nothing happened”. What we do know is they didn’t let doubt win. They didn’t let tiredness win. We didn’t see them get frustrated because it was taking too long. What we see they did was keep going. You see, as followers of Jesus we need to keep going. Longevity is where it’s at! Not giving up is paramount! Keep going. Check out the outcome of the faithfulness of the Israelites: 

“So the troops shouted, and the trumpets sounded. When they heard the blast of the trumpet, the troops gave a great shout, and the wall collapsed. The troops advanced into the city, each man straight ahead, and they captured the city.” – Joshua‬ ‭6:20‬ ‭

  • When you are still fighting inner tensions, KEEP GOING! 
  • When your family members still haven’t found value in the story of Jesus, KEEP SHARING! 
  • When your friends aren’t taking the steps you want to see, KEEP ENCOURAGING THEM TO TAKE STEPS! 

Keep going. Don’t give up. Be FAITHFUL like the Israelites. Longevity is key in relations for real change to happen. KEEP GOING! 

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