How you can build Community in Church

How You Can Build Community in Church?
Shared faith and shared experiences create relationships. If you want to make a church seem small, find community, and form authentic friendships, be intentional about getting involved. Community sounds great and is desired by most, but it doesn’t just happen automatically. We have to be intentional about taking our next step. Real community and friendships happen when we see the value of another person and we take steps toward building relationships rather than sitting back and just attending Church. 

Our sense of connection to the church grows when we move from watching a service near someone to serving and laboring alongside them. 

When times of disconnect happen for me, I evaluate and examine my life. I see how many times I really tried to connect with someone. It’s easy for me at times to point at others and say it’s their fault but a good friend told me once, when you point always remember that you have three fingers pointing back at you. Groups provide fellowship ripe with encouragement and challenges to take your next step. 

We move from saying, “Hi,” to sharing life. Last year in my group we studied together, helped 4 families people move, served with “Blessings Under the Bridge” 3 times and also served the local school 6 times. I whole heartedly believe that group and serving together is key to build strong relationships. 

What is your step that you are going to take this week to begin to build strong relationships? 

One thought on “How you can build Community in Church

  1. I can relate. A church I served at decided to no longer serve the community. I decided to no longer serve there. Church w/o outreach is dead

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