Can I be sure that I am a follower of Jesus? (Part 1)

Jesus came to seek and to save sinful people. Reading the Bible you can see Jesus caring for people that are different and have issues. This gives me hope because I have issues and I fit into the camp that Jesus came to help!

When it comes to Jesus and his mission, I have never struggled with that. What I have struggled with is that at times I realize that I am not a good person. When looking at my past and not being perfect I have struggled with the fact that Jesus still loves me and that I am still a follower of Jesus. You may have never struggled with these concepts but I sure have!

Today, I want to share how important assurance is as a follower of Jesus and how a lack of assurance is not healthy. Here are a few reasons how a lack of assurance can affect us:

  1. Lack of assurance of salvation makes Christian love, joy and peace impossible. With constant lack of assurance it makes us struggle with joy and peace. Not only that we are in a constant thinking that joy is impossible. This verse has helped me in the past and is a verse that I go back to when I struggle with joy and peace. Read this slowly, “I have told you this so that my joy may be in you that your joy may be complete”  – John 15:11.
  2. Lack of assurance of salvation dishonors the power of God. If God can start a new work in us then He can keep us on the right path. If we are not sure that we are saved where is our trust in God?
  3. Lack of assurance of salvation clouds the pathway ahead. With a constant struggle with assurance, we will not focus on where we are going which makes moving forward very challenging.

There are times we may feel one way that could change things in the near future. When it comes to following Jesus we have to make a decision. Either the Bible is true or not. I say it is therefore I must believe every single word in it. God does not want to leave us in a state of questions when it comes to salvation. If we believe (belief is an action word) in Jesus we are saved because Jesus paid our debt we owe on the cross. (John 3:36, Romans 10:9-13) Here is a verse that helps me with assurance:

“I have written these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, so that you may know that you have eternal life.”-1 John 5:13

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