Broken Crayons and making a difference.

What is your plan for making a difference in your sphere of influence?

This is a question that a great man and mentor asked me years ago. This question rocked my world. I wanted to make a difference in life. I wanted to let people who are hurting where hope is found. Come to think of it, I didn’t have a plan on how I was going to do that. After a little time, I realized without a real plan or mission, I wouldn’t make a real difference. Years later this question is still something that I constantly think about. Here are some things that I have learned and want you to know how to make a difference! If you do these three things and take steps and reach out to people who are hurting, you WILL make a difference!


  • Stop waiting for Ideal Circumstances.

If you are going to make a difference do it NOW! If you are waiting for the right circumstances when you are not “busy” than you will be waiting for a long time! We all have a lot to do. If you are going to wait for the best circumstance, it will never come around. There is always something to keep you from changing the culture around you. Make the choice to make a difference today!

  • Assume responsibility for your own life.

We make choices that are real. With real choices, we have real outcomes. If you are anything like me at all, not all the choices you make have been the best ones. I use to blame others for some things that are wrong in my life. I quit doing that and here is why: “No one wanted to be part of my pity party!”. I realized that God has given me one chance at life and Im going to do everything I can to take responsibility. Although I can’t help if people to things that are hurtful or mean, I certainly can help how I respond!

  • Believe that you can change.

Because of bad choices, I thought and have been told that I would turn out DIFFERENTLY than I am today. Something I know is that I am not defined by what people say, I am defined by who I am. Jesus changed my life and He can change yours too. Never think that you are not repairable or usable. God is not done with you yet! Check this out, even broken crayons still color!


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