Just freakn STOP!


Thats the best word I can think of right now. After being in leadership in the Church for 10 years, one thing stands out like a sore thumb. I have talked with people in many states and I have heard some of the craziest stories on why people don’t go to Church or why they don’t even want to have Christian friends. Here is the TOP reason why people don’t go to Church or even want to have Christian friends that I have heard first hand.

  1. Christians are judgmental.
    1. Are those words even suppose to go together? Sitting in my house last night with some great people in small group the question was asked “Why are you not very open when it comes to failures in your life?” The answers were just about consistent across the board in my small group as the answers that I get a lot. I have been hurt in Church and I have seen people be very judgmental toward me and others. Thinking about it, those words shouldn’t even go together. I know some of my friend will correct me and use bible verses to back up their reasoning. When I say judgmental here is what I mean, they tend to be hard on people who sin differently than them and they want everyone to know that they don’t sin like THAT person. That reminds me of a story. (Luke 18:9-14)
    2. When did Jesus not let anyone get close to him EXCEPT for the crazy religious people. Jesus always let some of the most sinful and bad choice making people hang around Him. Heck, Jesus was considered a glutton and drunkard. Now, Jesus never got drunk so how in the world did He get this title? Hanging around people with problems.

If you are a Christian who is judgmental, STOP! Just plain stop. You are not helping anything. You are not being like Jesus and you are not helping others see the hope that Jesus brings.

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