Checklist to keep you Going

Exciting things are happening at The Rock! Since we have started in October, we have been meeting with people every single week that have walked through the doors! I want you to know 3 things you can check off to encourage you and to keep you going this week.

  • Reaching people. God has allowed us to reach people who do not go to Church in Spokane Valley. This is a great opportunity. It is by God’s grace and our privilege to TEACH people God’s love, provision, providence, plan, mercy, grace and mission. (Matthew 28:18-20) Before we can teach people these things, we must understand them. Not every aspect but have some comprehension. Notice that I didn’t just say “know” them because we need to LIVE out our faith so that other people can know we are followers of Jesus. I want you to have an understanding that God cares for you as an individual, God will provide for you (Matthew 6), God is with us always (Matthew 28:20), God’s desire for people (2 Peter 3:9), God is merciful toward us (Deuteronomy 4:31), and God is gracious toward us (Psalm 145:8). Let’s not forget about His mission. 2 Corinthians 5:11-21 and John 17 remind us of God’s mission to redeem and reconcile broken relationships. We have been reconciled (brought back into a right relationship) to God and are now on mission to participate in the reconciling of others to God. Jesus prays to the Father about the deep connection between Father and Son and the connection all believers have as a result of that relationship. Let’s not forget that this week God wants us to reach out to other people!
  • 1/3rd. This is a fraction. This fraction is important. This is so  important to keep in mind when we are living on mission. 1/3rd of the population in the Spokane area claim no religious affiliation. Statistically, every 3rd person you see today is an opportunity to reach out and share your hope story with them. According to statistics, every 3rd person you see today claim they do not know Jesus as their Savior. What a great privilege God has given us to be in a place that need Jesus! You are in a mission field. Take a step and reach out to someone today. Never forget, God places people in your path. Be obedient! (Mark 16:15) Don’t go another day and forget why God has you here on earth!
  • Groups. We have 3 groups in Spokane Valley and 8 groups in our network who meet in the Spokane area. Small group is a way to get connected with each other and have the opportunity to live life in community. God is growing groups by allowing us to multiply 2 months into the Launch of The Rock! Lives are being changed and I do not want you to miss out on this great opportunity to be involved in a group. This is a place to have community. Community is important. We need other people to pick us up when we are down and we need other people to always point us to Jesus! Next time you come, bring someone with you! (Ecclesiastes 4:10) Are you living your life in community?



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