Two things come to mind right now.

1) WOW

2) I’m READY!

Wow comes to mind because I am in a constant state of awe. There are so many things that are amazing in my life right now. When I think about how we moved from Arkansas to Washington we knew only a few people. We did not know what the future would hold. The only thing that we knew for certain was that people thought we were crazy, we sold a lot of stuff that we accumulated over the years that we didn’t need, packed everything in a 18′ budget truck, had very little financial support and knew that we would face a long road ahead. One thing was certain and that was we knew God laid it on our hearts to move to the Spokane area to start Churches. We are now about to start The Rock Church in Spokane Valley. This is beyond exciting because of everything this entails. Starting a Church includes a team that God has placed around me. I know I don’t have to be the best at everything. I just need to be surrounded by people who are sold out to Jesus and want to make a difference in Spokane Valley. God did exactly that. We have 13 people who are on this journey with and I would not want to take on Spokane Valley with anyone else. I am always saying wow because of how much our team has grew closer to God and each other. Not only that, a lot of work has been done to the place we are going to meet. We still have a few things that need to be done before our FIRST PREVIEW service in a few weeks. If you could have walked through this journey (not the band) with me, you would be amazed as well.

I’m READY comes to mind because of who I am. If you know me, you know I am an all in type of guy. I don’t like to ease in the water, I would rather jump in. For almost a year we have been praying and working toward this new Church plant. I have seen God provide a building, build our team, the community around us getting excited and people who have already said God is leading them to help us at The Rock. I’m ready to have our first preview service to see what all is going to happen. People have already said our work to this building has encouraged their faith and others have vocalized that they are really interested on why we would even pursue such a journey (again, not the band). I am ready for people to be transformed from death to life. People’s lives will be changed because the Gospel will be preached. I’m ready!

While we still have work to do I want to give you the opportunity to help us advance the Kingdom.

  • You can pray for us. During the next couple of weeks I will be posting specific things you can help us pray about. In the mean time, pray for me and our team as we prepare for this journey (you know, not the band).
  •  You can help us out by giving. We have about $4000 short of what we wish to have before we start. We still need to finish the bathroom for the kids area, projectors, kitchen updates and shelves to put stuff on. You can give here by choosing The Rock Church and then start up expenses or you can mail a check to The Rock Church, P.O. Box 30312 Spokane, Wa 99223.

One thing is for sure, The Best is YET to come! 

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