One Thing that would make the BIGGEST difference in the Church

Here we go again! We are coming up to start another Church called The Rock in Spokane Valley, Washington. I am in constant prayer about the things that we know we will face in the future. Here is what is going through my head as we enter this phase of Church Planting again.

Work, Work, Work. God blessed us with a Church building to plant The Rock. It is a simple old Church building in Spokane Valley that was built in the 70’s. I say that to say, it needs some work. I am constantly thinking about things like lights, carpet, walls needed to be moved, projectors and the most needed spot, THE coffee area. There is a lot of work that needs to be done before launch.

Mileposts. In Church Planting, we focus not on dates but mileposts. Those mileposts include creating a launch team, sharing our vision with the launch team, building updates to be done, small groups to be started, outreach events and preview services. I know that I can set dates but we focus on reaching mileposts instead of compromising vision to start The Rock. We have met some of these mileposts but there are still quite a few ahead that we are shooting toward.

People. I constantly think about the work and mileposts but what really drives me to work hard is knowing that peoples’ lives will be changed because the Gospel will be shared. A lot of people have said “that’s too much”. I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with the statement “that’s too much work” when it comes to our realm. When it comes to the realm of people being changed from death to life, nothing is ever “too much”. I love the fact that when we are faithful in sharing the story of Jesus and freedom we have because of His sacrifice, people will be changed!

The above things are important factors I think about but it doesn’t include the “one thing” that would make the biggest difference in the Church. I believe this with all my heart and I know enough theology that this is true. Here it is: obedience. I know when Christians obey and put action with what they know, the Church will start booming and will start making the biggest difference in our communities. Many people want to “know more” when in reality, many people should obey more. Obey what you know. Obedience will make the BIGGEST difference in the Church today.

For just as the body without the spirit is dead, so also faith without works is dead.
– James 2:26Obedience

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