You can help plant a Church!

Greetings from the Northwest! God uses His word to speak to us and I love how God uses verses to continually shape my life. The Apostle Paul loved the Church in Philippi so much. He even started writing the letter to the Church with these words, “I thank my God in all my remembrance of you”. Many people have quoted these verses and I think I can relate more everyday with these word Paul spoke. We have so many good memories from Arkansas and those memories include many of you. We thank God for your friendship, prayers and support for the furtherance of the Gospel.
We wanted to update you with the next phase in our Church planting journey. We moved from Arkansas to Cheney, Washington to launch THE EDGE CHURCH at Eastern Washington University. This Church is a Collegiate Church Plant and comes with its own excitement and challenges. We have experienced some of our most highest points in our life along with some very exhausting times. In September of last year, we started one group before we even started services. After our launch service with 92 in attendance, we started two more small groups off campus. Then we started our 4th group in January. God allowed people to experience what a relationship with Jesus is like this past year as they became followers of Jesus.
We came to plant Churches in the Northwest. We just moved again to Spokane Valley about 3 weeks ago to Start another Church called The Rock Church. We are so excited for what God has in store for us! A local church here in Spokane Valley is running very low in numbers and know that God is not done with them just yet. They have asked us to come and start a Church in their building. We are going to have our first block party on the property on June 20th. You will be getting updates about prayer needs for our Launch Team along with needs for The Rock Church. We have some building and landscape renovations to do, which we started. We are also needing more equipment and support from partnering people and Churches who want to see the story of Jesus penetrate a culture where only 4% will attend an evangelical Church on Sunday.
With The Rock Church, we have 13 amazing individuals who are helping us start this Church. We are in constant need for prayer about the many decisions we’re facing regarding building renovations, landscape, seating, audio/video set-up, and children’s area. We also need prayer for our Launch Team to be completely focused on making a difference in our community. God is doing great things!  All of this is exciting but please know that we cannot do this without people who want to reach the United States and our World with the Gospel. Again, because of your prayers, support and sending mission teams to help, we are making a difference in the Northwest!

Below are needs for The Rock Church our new Church Plant.

We need to do a little construction before we start having preview services. We have already got the landscape almost done which was a huge task. We still have to have lights to be installed, new bathroom installed down stairs, carpet, door that is leaking needs fixed, coffee/ welcome area needs shelves built, projectors and screens still need to be installed. Someone is coming next week to help with these but Im sure we will still need things that will need to be finished.

Our preview services are July 26th, August 23rd and September 20th. The day before the preview services we will have block parties throughout our city to let people know who we are and to provide a place where we can relationally invest in people.

We still need help with buying the following equipment:
Children’s Area
3 TV’s (tv’s are cheaper than projectors)
Chairs and tables.
Paint and wall murals
Nursery stuff. (baby bed, bouncer, toys, etc)
Worship Area
Pipe and drape
Sound board
stage lights
projectors and screens
2 – 10X10 pop up tents (outside for info and coffee area because the building is small)

You can help us by giving here!  Choose Pinnacle Church and then select The Rock Start Up Expenses. 

Continue to pray for us and our launch team as we seek to make Jesus famous!

Coming This Fall

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