New Location at EWU!

Exciting things are happening at THE EDGE! We will be meeting at Eastern Washington University tomorrow. Here are a few reasons why I am excited about this:

  1. Reaching people. God has allowed us to reach students at EWU. We have been meeting off campus ever since we started and students have walked in the rain and snow to get here from Campus. Now we will be able to reach more people on Campus and will be closer for people who walk.
  2. 13,000. That is the number of student enrolled at EWU in 2014. God has opened up the door for us be in the middle of campus and will be able to be seen by people who are in the building or on campus.
  3. Groups. We have 3 groups in Cheney and 1 on Campus at EWU. We are looking to start more groups on Campus since students are who we are reaching!
  4. New equipment. A new location means new equipment. We can now set-up faster which makes it easier for everyone who helps set-up!
  5. It’s Eastern! Who does not like Eastern? #goeags

Our new location is at Senior Hall room 101. See you tomorrow!

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