Why are we hosting Super Bowl Parties?

Since we started announcing a couple of weeks ago that we will not be meeting at the community center like a normal Sunday on Super Bowl Sunday people started asking two questions:

“Why would you cancel Church for a football game?”

“Why are we going to change from meeting in one location to meeting in three locations?”

I think these are valid questions to ask therefore I want to share four reasons why we chose to meet in three locations in Cheney instead of one location and why we chose to have Super Bowl parties.

  1. Hello! We live in Washington and the SEAHAWKS are playing!
  2. We are not canceling Church. THE EDGE is not a building, it is a Church. THE EDGE is a community of people who put their faith in Jesus. Wherever we choose to gather, the Church is there.
  3. One of our goals is to reach people that are not reached. To do that, you cannot do the same thing that everyone else is doing. We chose Super Bowl parties so that we could reach more people on Super Bowl Sunday through our small groups.
  4. Another goal for us is that when someone comes to THE EDGE is for them to “experience COMMUNITY while they EXPLORE their faith.” What better way for people to experience community while eating Jimmy Johns, sharing what Jesus is doing in their life and while watching the Seahawks win?

Super Bowl parties start at 3! Remember, don’t just invite someone, bring someone!

(This post is dedicated to Richard and Fran Kirk)

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